Tips on How to Avoid Vaginal Infections

Most women are more likely to have a vaginal infection at least once in their lifetime. Also known as yeast infection, vaginal infections are rarely harmful, but their symptoms can be a nuisance. Such infection can be uncomfortable experience due to the redness, itching, and swelling it causes in the vaginal area. It can also lead to thick, yellowish vaginal discharge. While yeast infections can be treated, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to prevent such condition.

In that regard, here are useful tips on how to avoid vaginal infections.

1. Personal Care and Hygiene

hghgdds76gh34When it comes to prevention of vaginal infections, personal care, and proper hygiene are very important. Be sure to keep your vagina clean because it helps to maintain a fresh smell and prevent yeast infections. When washing your body, make sure to clean the inner lips of your vagina thoroughly, especially where yeast cells grow. Since these cells usually live in wet environments, it’s important to dry your entire body thoroughly, especially the entire vaginal area after taking a bath.

2. Wear the Right Type of Underwear

Cotton and silk underwear absorb moisture, hence keeping your body dry and comfortable. On the other hand, nylon and several other fabrics maintain the skin moisture, and this stimulates the growth of yeast cells. Always remember to change your clothes and wear dry ones, particularly your underwear to avoid moisture. Don’t stay in a wet bathing suit or sweaty gym clothes.

3. Avoid Heat

As mentioned earlier, the yeast organisms like humid and warm environments. It’s, therefore, important to avoid soaking in a hot tub or taking long, hot bath. Moreover, don’t use tight clothes that don’t allow the air to freely circulate the crotch area, especially during summer.

4. Avoid Vaginal Douching

Washing inside your vagina with liquid can help destroy harmful bacteria and can also destroy those that keep these organisms under control. However, it’s very important to keep in mind that vaginal douching can also wash the natural protective layer of your vagina, leaving you more vulnerable to vaginal infections.

5. Sleep Enough


The immune system typically helps to keep the yeast that causes vaginal infections under control. If you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system may not be able to function well. It’s, therefore, important to keep a regular sleep schedule. Immunological diseases, such as HIV and diabetes can also increase the risks of fungal infections.

Generally, taking care of your overall health can help reduce the risk of vaginal infections. On Beautytipsbybailey.com/, you will also see tips on how you can make your vagina tighter.